Buying your first car? A Complete Guide to help you choose wisely

Buying your first car can either be a daunting or a very exciting adventure. Which car do I choose? Can my budget get me a good car? Is it the right time to buy a car? Where do I buy it? Well, despite the questions going through your mind, one thing that’s for sure is the sheer importance of making that decision; saying YES, I need a car. While there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind, we’ll cover the most important. It’s best to start with WHY you need a car. It could be due to many reasons, including but not limited to: Convenience – tired of relying on public means and other people’s cars to move from one point to another. Comfort – you just need your own space when travelling. Indulgence – maybe you just love cars or driving around and feel it’s about time you own one. Once you understand WHY, half the problem is usually solved, the other half being WHAT car to get. Now, this is where you need to pay keen attention.

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